Merrie Christmas & Happy New Year !

Another year of blogging has gone by and once again I would like to thank my regular contributors who have helped me in this fifth year. There have been so many highlights for me; Laurence has undoubtedly enhanced our appreciation of the movie with that amazing picture strip and various memorabilia (including the souvenir programme). Neil managed to locate Alex Bryce’s daughter, and has continued tirelessly to uncover interesting articles about the life of the stars. Albie has sent in some wonderful photographs and helped us learn more about the history of Sherwood Forest, including Edwin’s Chapel. His intense research into the ancient roads and ‘The King’s Great Way’ through the forest helped me achieve a lifelong ambition.

Mike sent in stunning Japanese and Spanish posters from the movie and continued to enthral us with his paintings, including his interpretation of Herne the Hunter. Meanwhile Geoff Waite gave us more details about the career of the musician and singer Elton Hayes.

We discovered the winner of the poll for the favourite Robin Hood of all-time and a gangster who nearly became him. We also saw more pictures from the film premiere and had new information on the lives of Joan Rice and Catherine Grant-Bogle. There has been a great deal more and I have now reached 568 posts.

So it has been another tremendous year! Thank you so much for your wonderful support and hope to here from all of you very soon. I would like to wish you and your families a Merrie Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Disney Robin Hood Hat 1951

There are many promotional items that can be seen on this blog produced during the release of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). But the hat above is a bit of a mystery to me and I would appreciate any feed-back. It is a magazine/newspaper advertisement for what is described as a ‘Disney Hat-Robin Hood’ from 1951 which was the year the film was actually in production at Denham Studios. So was the hat made by Walt Disney Productions to advertise the forthcoming film? Any information would be much appreciated.

Picture Strip 42 : Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood

These are the final pages of Laurence’s fantastic picture strip of Walt Disney’s movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). I am sure you will agree that he has not only given us a chance to re-live the magic moments again, but also to see and appreciate each scene in all its Technicolor glory.
His wonderful work has gone a long way to keeping the memory of the film alive and hopefully shown to my new readers why it is loved by so many. So, a very special thank you to Laurence for regularly sending the picture strip in to me.

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Information on Catherine Grant-Bogle

Richard Todd and Catherine-Grant-Bogle in 1954

It is always very rewarding for me to get some feedback from readers of my blog. So I was thrilled to receive an email from Pam this week about the mysterious later years of Catherine Grant-Bogle. Up until now, very little was known about her life after she was divorced from movie legend Richard Todd (1919-2009). So I am sure my readers will be very interested in what Pam has to say:

“I was looking up info on Richard Todd when I saw this article on Catherine Grant-Bogle. She was my landlady in 1970/71 in London, in a flat near the Tate Gallery.

I am Canadian and was backpacking through Europe with my girlfriend. She took me, my girlfriend and a girl from Hawaii in for room and board. The rooms were as the children left them and she didn't want us to touch or move anything. She also didn't want us using the kitchen and when she found the three of us making dinner, she was very upset.

She was very bitter about the divorce and told us stories. Her son Peter also came by a few times to check on her. I also have a picture of her with her cat in my photo album.

I went back to London with my first husband in 1978 and went to show him the flat. And there she was walking down the street coming out of the liquor store, looking a little worse for wear.

I am surprised to see that she lived another 20 years after I last saw her. She didn't look well and the difference in her from 1971 to 1978 was astounding!”

Pam continued:

“She did seem so sad, not only when I was rooming at her flat, but especially when I saw her walking down the street a few years later. She was a sweet lady.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.”

I would like to thank Pam very much for this glimpse into the later years of Richard Todd’s first wife. If anyone can add some more to this information, or would like to comment on anything concerning the movie or its actors please get in touch at