Elspeth Gill

We have made some amazing discoveries on this site over the last four years and this is certainly one of the best. Neil has recently managed to contact the daughter of Alex Bryce (1905-1961), the Second Unit Director on Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (1952). Elspeth Gill has very kindly sent Neil some unique photographs of her visit on set during the making of Disney’s live-action motion picture at Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire.

Elspeth’s father was in charge of the Second Unit, which specialised in all the action shots and fight scenes of this wonderful Disney movie. These included the ambush of the royal coach, the rescue of Scathelok in the market square and Robin’s various battles with the Sheriff. She was about sixteen years old at the time and remembers the filming very well.
In Elspeth’s first photograph we can see Richard Todd (Robin Hood), behind the scenes giving her archery lessons and in the second, she is in full costume and riding one of the horses.
I would like to thank Elspeth for sharing with us these wonderful photographs and Neil for sending them to me. Perhaps she can share some more of her magical memories with us all in the future.


Clement of the Glen said...

"Elspeth Gill"

Behind the scenes with Richard Todd

Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood (1952)

Trish said...

What wonderful memories for a young girl to have!

Neil said...

Elspeth spent a great deal of time on the sets of the film throughout its making she told me. She even rode a horse as an extra on Rob Roy the later film and during Robin Hood rode one of the horses from Rickmansworth into Denham Studios. Her father Alex Bryce did an excellent job along with Ken Annakin and it was a lot to do with her father that Ken got the job on Robin Hood. Alex Bryce had worked with Walt Disney on Treasure Island again at Denham but this was directed by Byron Haskin - who coincidentally later directed Joan Rice in His Majesty O Keefe in Fiji. Elspeth knew Richard Todd well at the time.

Mike Giddens said...

Fantastic pics and well done Neil.

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