Merrie Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This blog was started over a decade ago and this year I completed over 800 posts. When I began, I never dreamt that it was possible to learn so much about the making of my favourite movie. But together with my readers we have achieved that - and much more. I feel that this site is now a fitting tribute to this classic movie.

There are several new Robin Hood movies on the horizon, but I am sure they won’t come close to this classic film!

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merrie Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Robin and Hugh Fitzooth

Yet another rare image from our favourite movie! I am always surprised how many of these stills survive. And it is always a thrill to see them. From left to right we can see Robin’s father Hugh Fitzooth played by Reginald Tate, Richard Todd as Robin Hood (Robin Fitzooth) and Alan-a-Dale portrayed wonderfuly by Elton Hayes.

This site has hundreds of images that can be accessed via the ‘Picture Gallery’ label and across the 800 posts on this site. But, if you have any rare images from the movie that you would like to share, please get in touch.