French Robin Hood Poster

Above is a French poster promoting Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. This was kindly sent in by Christian Roy. The movie was released several times, so it is difficult to date, but Joan Rice’s ranking in the list of stars could reveal it was designed in the 1950’s.

In the side panel of this blog, you will see the label ‘ Posters’. Click on this and you will find a vast and considerably varied collection of art work from around the world, advertising this wonderful Disney film.

I expect many of my readers will have their favourite poster. The one above dates from the films first release in 1952 and remains the choice of Mike Giddens, Neil Vessey and myself. Which one is yours? Please let me know. 

The Sheriff and his Bow

The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Finch) 

We have often discussed on this blog, our hopes that one day we might get the chance to see scenes that were edited out of our favourite movie. The image above is a good example. It was kindly sent in by an avid collector of memorabilia from Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (and a regular visitor to this blog) - Christian Roy.

The movie still shows the Sheriff of Nottingham, played by Peter Finch, about to shoot an arrow. This was probably during the scene in which Robin Hood (Richard Todd) and Friar Tuck (James Hayter) are intercepted by the sheriff and his soldiers. But Robin’s band of outlaws appear and soon begin to rain down arrows on the Sheriff’s men.

In this dramatic scene in the movie, we never see the Sheriff pick up a long bow. It was probably one of many clips that eventually found there way onto the cutting room floor. But, a similar image (below) was used later in ‘Walt Disney's Robin Hood Stamp Book’    published in New York in 1955 by Simon and Schuster. 

The image used in the stamp album

Lets hope that one day we will get a chance to see some of the edited scenes from this wonderful movie.

A Signal Arrow Arrives

I have recently posted a still from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) showing the scene where the sheriff is led into the outlaws camp. Here is another detailed image of the camp,  created on one of the huge sound stages at Denham Studios by Disney’s art department. This time it shows the moment a whistling arrow arrives, warning Robin Hood (Richard Todd) and his men of imminent danger. 

Those of us who have seen this wonderful film, will know that Little John (James Robertson Justice) has been seen making his way through Sherwood Forest in search of Robin Hood and his men. Eventually Little John meets up with Robin and we witness their fight with quarter-staffs.

Robin Hood is pulled out the stream by Little John

In my opinion this legendry duel has never been bettered on the silver screen.