Elton Hayes's Robin Hood Tracks

The new CD

Back in February of this year, I was pleased to announce the release of a compilation of songs by Elton Hayes (1915-2001). This double CD is a collection on the Retrospective  label (RTS4320) of 64 tracks, that include some very rare tunes by our Alan-a-Dale. Included in this collection are detailed sleeve notes by Geoff Waite, a regular contributor to this site. 

Unfortunately, many of us were disappointed to discover that songs from Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952), were not included amongst his hits. But this week, John Nelson was in touch to inform me that a new Elton Hayes CD has been released. And this one does include the two main songs sung by Elton as Alan-a-Dale, Whistle My Love and Riddle de Diddle De Day

Tracks on the new CD

This CD has been produced on the Windyridge label as part of their "Variety" series (WINDYVAR90) and is available here.

For myself and many of my readers, Elton Hayes will always be Alan-a-Dale, the legendary minstrel that eventually joined Robin Hood's outlaw band. 

Whistle My Love by Elton Hayes

The London premiere of Walt Disney's second live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men was on March 13th 1952. Elton's ballads as Allan-a-Dale, created a traditional link throughout the film and its success provided him with global popularity. The success of the film, led to him completing a nineteen-city tour of the USA and Canada, making 113 radio and TV appearances in eight hectic weeks.

James Hayter as Friar Tuck and Elton Hayes as Alan-a-Dale

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