Richard Todd and Catherine Grant-Bogle

Richard Todd and Catherine Grant-Bogle on their wedding day

It is always a thrill to hear from readers who have information about the lives of the stars who appeared in 'The Story of Robin Hood.' Recently Scott Coleman got in contact about a post I did on Richard Todd's first wife, Catherine Grant-Bogle :
"Hi all, this is fascinating stuff. My sister was married to Peter Todd for many years before he tragically took his own life. It's funny how I've stumbled across this blog as I was searching for Catherine as I'm in the process of selling my artefacts that I have had passed to me, all of which are related to Richard Todd and his film career. I'm sure I can answer many of your questions if you still have any and would be happy to do so. I have a portrait of Cathrine which is part of my collection passed to me by Richard and Peter Todd and she truly was a beautiful lady and from what I understand a fantastic mother. However, the Todds life was incredibly difficult for all involved and I saw personally the very sad end in which it finished. I'm here is you wish to discuss further. Best regards Scott."
I have since contacted Scott and hope to hear from him again soon.

Richard and Catherine relaxing c.1950'

This message about Catherine Grant-Bogle was sent by Pam back in February 2011:
“I was looking up info on Richard Todd when I saw this article on Catherine Grant-Bogle. She was my landlady in 1970/71 in London, in a flat near the Tate Gallery.
I am Canadian and was backpacking through Europe with my girlfriend. She took me, my girlfriend and a girl from Hawaii in for room and board. The rooms were as the children left them and she didn't want us to touch or move anything. She also didn't want us using the kitchen and when she found the three of us making dinner, she was very upset.
She was very bitter about the divorce and told us stories. Her son Peter also came by a few times to check on her. I also have a picture of her with her cat in my photo album.
I went back to London with my first husband in 1978 and went to show him the flat. And there she was walking down the street coming out of the liquor store, looking a little worse for wear.
I am surprised to see that she lived another 20 years after I last saw her. She didn't look well and the difference in her from 1971 to 1978 was astounding!”
Pam continued:
“She did seem so sad, not only when I was rooming at her flat, but especially when I saw her walking down the street a few years later. She was a sweet lady.
Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.” 

                        The Todd's photographed in 1954                                    

This week Neil, our regular contributor, has been in touch with an interesting find:

Richard and Catherine's autographs.

Neil says:
"I have very recently acquired this item – which is a programme for a Festival Of Britain event on 17 June 1951 in Maidenhead – a River Procession and Garden Fete.
It is signed on the rear by Richard Todd the film actor - and his wife Catherine Todd - or Kitty as he called her.
The date of 17 June 1951 coincided with the time that Richard Todd was filming The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men at Denham Film Studios for Walt Disney  - and even more specific it was at the time when the filming of the famous quarter staff fight on the bridge between Robin Hood and Little John was being done on that wonderful studio set designed by Carmen Dillon. The reason I know this is that in Richard Todd's Autobiography 'Caught in the Act' he says that on his Birthday which was 11 June, this scene was being filmed and it would have gone on for some days I expect. 
This is the first time I have seen his wife’s signature – she seemed to always stay in the background. I still maintain though that whilst married to he his career went well so she must have had a good business-like head on her – which he, as he admits, did not.

I remember my Dad going down to London at that time to see the Festival of Britain – think he went with the Prudential Assurance Co who he worked for at that time. This event at Maidenhead must have been a big one – inside this programme it states that on the launch was Cicely Courtneidge, Ronald Howard, The Mayor and Mayoress and Richard Todd." 

Richard Todd as Robin Hood and James Robertson-Justice as Little John

Many thanks to Neil for sending in this programme. It is not only a historical document in its own right, but also has a fascinating link to the filming of Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).'

Many thanks to everyone who have been in contact.

If you have any memories you would like to share about Catherine Grant-Bogle or anyone else connected in some way to our favourite film, please leave a message below.                           

Robin Hood's 2 Chairs

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-1958)

Allen Wright, the owner of the fantastic Bold Outlaw site, has been in touch with some excellent examples of those 'Robin Hood chairs' being used in the television series The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-58). If you have any information of props from Disney's Robin Hood being used, or know where that are stored, please get in touch.

Behind the two Robin Hood chairs in The Adventures of Robin Hood

The film prop we know as 'Robin Hood's Chair' has been mentioned many times on this blog and the input from my readers has helped chronicle its use for sixty four years. This I believe is unique in the tv and movie world. 

I originally called it Robin Hood's Chair because of its continual appearance in productions about the outlaw. But what must be made clear is that there were originally two chairs designed by Carmen Dillon and her art department for Walt Disney's live-action film 'The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men' in 1951. 

The two chairs in Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952)

This pair of ornate chairs only appear together for a few moments in a scene with Joan Rice as Maid Marian, Hubert Gregg as Prince John, Martitia Hunt as Queen Eleanor and Anthony Eustrel as the Archbishop of Canterbury (above). But the distinct style of these two chairs made them popular with set designers. They appeared two years later in Men of Sherwood (1954) along with other furniture props from the Disney movie.

Men of Sherwood (1954)

We now have a list of movies and tv shows that the Robin Hood Chair or Chairs have appeared in here.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-58)

If you have seen the two chairs being used in any other productions please get in touch.