Production Memorabilia 3

Prop and Set-Dressing List

These are the final images available of the production notes for Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, made in England in 1951. The folder, containing many pages of fascinating detail has recently been sold at auction.

Above is a page from the Prop and Set-Dressing List, showing details from what appears to be the scene of King Richard’s departure for the Holy Land. Included with the main characters are 20 foresters, 15 bill or axe men, 2 acolytes with sensors, 15 crossbowmen etc.

Prop and set-dressing list

The next image (above) appears to be a continuation of the list, which includes, 21 bows for the bowmen, 15 crossbows, 15 quivers, a charger for King Richard and the Earl of Huntingdon, and the banner of England on a staff.

Patrick Barr (King Richard I) with some of the props

Robin Hood’s Costume

Above are details of Robin Hood’s costume, worn by Richard Todd who starred as the outlaw hero. Richard would have reached his 100th birthday last June.

Richard Todd as Robin Hood

Listed is his legendary bugle horn, green cloth hood, green cloth kirtle, short boots of soft brown basel and quiver and bow.

Short Bio on Richard Todd

On this page, we can view the short bio on Richard Todd. It describes how three years before his selection for the role by Disney, he had been an unknown repertory player. He had founded the Dundee Repertory Company and after his demobilisation from the Parachute Regiment he had been discovered in London by a director of Association British and given a contract. His first film was “ For Them That Trespass,” which so impressed the executives of the production company he was given the key role in “ The Hasty Heart,” alongside Ronald Reagan and Patricia Neal.

These glimpses of the production notes from the making of this wonderful film, have been a real treat. Many thanks to John Nelson for sending them in.