Disney's Robin Hood Script

There have been many highlights compiling this blog over the last ten years. But I am sure my readers will agree, few can compare with seeing images of the script from our favourite movie!

Front cover of the Robin Hood script

I am extremely grateful to Cindy who has kindly emailed me these images from Canada. The script belonged to her father-in-law who worked for Walt Disney during the 1950's.

Detail of the cover

I have enlarged a few of Cindy's pictures, so that the pages can be read.

First page of the script

First page describing the opening scene

It is a pity Disney cut part of the beginning scene at Huntington Manor with Stephen the steward. In the final edit only the Earl's Page can be seen by the hall doorway holding the golden hunting horn.

Final page of the script

Joan Rice as Maid Marian and Richard Todd as Robin Hood

Detail of the final page

Cindy's father-in-law was Noland Philip Blackburn. She says he:
Went to the United States with his mother and wanted to pursue an acting career.  He got his job at Disney and was a mail clerk and told us he would deliver Walt's coffee and lunch to him.  His career there was cut short due to the draft.  He had to hop on a train to get back to Canada to avoid the draft.  He obtained a lot of his collection from items that were being thrown out when he worked there and kept them all these years.
I am sure you will agree that seeing the original screenplay by Lawrence Edward Watkin has been fascinating. So I want to send a huge thank you to Cindy.

The script will eventually be auctioned.

There will be more to see soon!