Disney's Robin Hood Script 3

Richard Todd as Robin and Joan Rice as Marian

Below is another page from the script of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men which was filmed at Denham Studios and Burnahm Beeches in Buckinghamshire in 1951. The script was originally owned by Noland Blackburn, who worked for Walt Disney Productions during the 1950's. 

Robin describes his 'fair maiden'

I have featured a few pages from this script recently. The page above, shows an early scene in the movie in which Robin Hood (Richard Todd) teases Maid Marian (Joan Rice). But we can see that some of Marian's dialogue was eventually changed. The original script had her saying:

"Chop off infidel heads enough, you'd come back a knight. Forthwith, you'd be scrimaging in a tournament - - to please a lady - - and have your own head chopped of."

But those who have seen the film will know that this was later changed, so that Marian said:

" Chop off enough heads; you will come back a knight. As a knight, you would go jousting in a tournament, to please a lady, and have you own head chopped off!"

Joan Rice as Marian going through the script with Director Ken Annakin

In his memo, Walt Disney describes Joan Rice's difficulties with the dialogue. The director, Ken Annakin went into great detail in his autobiography about the problems he had with her; how he had to slavishly go over the script with her word for word. But it is worth mentioning, that she had been rushed through the ‘Rank Charm School’ a year earlier and that she had no experience in acting beforehand.

Joan Rice (Marian) and Richard Todd Robin Hood) during a break from filming

That page also shows that the original script had Robin holding out his hand 'a foot above Marian's head', showing how much taller his imaginary 'fair maiden' was. This was also eventually cut from the movie.

Joan Rice's costume is adjusted before filming

Below is a section of a picture strip that shows that scene with Robin and Marian.

Joan Rice on set as Maid Marian

To see the whole movie in picture strip form, or read about the lives of Richard Todd and Joan Rice, just click on the relevant label in the task bar.

Special thanks to Cindy for sharing images of the script.