Robin Hood's Merry Jokes

With all the doom and gloom around at the moment and the continual rain here in England, I thought it was time to lighten up. So let’s have a laugh along with Little John (James Robertson Justice) Robin Hood (Richard Todd) and Will Scarlet (Antony Forwood) at some Robin Hood jokes.

Why did Robin Hood steal from the rich?
Because the poor didn't have anything worth stealing!

Why couldn't Robin Hood hit the target? 
Because his arrows were all in a quiver!

Where did Robin's Merry Men go to buy their sweets?
The Friar's Tuck-shop!

What did Robin say when he nearly got hit at the archery contest?
"That was an arrow escape!"

How did Robin Hood tie his shoe-laces?
With a long bow!

Friar Tuck was a monk, so why did he get involved in a life of crime?
It was his habit!

Robin Hood lay dying, and all the faithful gathered round. With his weak and fading breath, Robin asked Marion to bring him the best arrow from the quiver beside his bed, and then asked Little John to bring him his bow. He put the arrow to the bow and aimed through the open window into the generous green sward of Sherwood Forest beyond which he loved so much. He asked of Friar Tuck, "Promise me that wherever the arrow falls, there you will bury me." And when Tuck had sworn, Robin Hood demanded the same of the others. Then with his last strength he drew on the bow and let the arrow fly.

And then he died, smiling. And next day, they did as they had promised; they buried Robin Hood ....... on top of his wardrobe!


Clement Glen said...

Sorry Folks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Albie said...

Oh dear. I think the court jester at the court of Henry VIII would be mortified at those jokes, and think they were from the dark Ages mate..........

Clement Glen said...

Dark Ages ?......nah! The Middle Ages.......LOL!