11. Scathelok Is Arrested

Every day for the following weeks and months, the Sheriff’s men were kept busy collecting the new crippling taxes. These were dreadful times as Prince John tried to invent more ingenious ways of raising money.

William Scathelok was a poor farmer who had already paid one levy, when the Sheriff and his men were demanding more.

“I cannot pay the tax sir!” He cried falling to his knees. “I paid my Lord’s levy and if you take my cattle…….”

The Sheriff interrupted him coldly, “would you keep your cattle and go free of the tax?”

“Show me how, sire,” said Scathelok eagerly.

“Report has it,” said the Sheriff, “that you gave aid to the outlaw and know of his whereabouts.”

There was silence. Defiantly Scathelok rose to his feet and folded his arms, then he took two paces back. In a rage the Sheriff wheeled his horse around.

“Bring him along!” He commanded to his men.

As the Sheriff angrily put his spurs into his horse and galloped off he did not notice a Palmer (a pilgrim from the Holy Land) watching him from the shadows of the trees.

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