Queen Eleanor Buys Some Chips

Martita Hunt buys some chips.

When was the last time you saw a monarch buy some chips? Or even a film star in a local chippy?

The image above was sent to me by Neil Vessey. Neil has been a regular contributor to this site down the years and found this 'Picture Post' article showing the wonderful actress Martita Hunt (1899-1969), in a chip shop. 

The magazine states that the photograph was taken during a break in the filming of Treasure Hunt. This movie was released the same year as her appearance in Walt Disney's live-action movie, The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

Martita Hunt is of course, remembered for her portrayal of Miss Haversham in David Lean’s excellent Great Expectations (1946). But, her powerful screen presence was suited perfectly for her role as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine in Robin Hood. 

Martita Hunt as Queen Eleanor


Clement Glen said...

"Queen Eleanor Buys Some Chips"

Neil said...

Martita Hunt most famous role was, without doubt that of Miss Havisham but the later role as Queen Eleanor in The Story of Robin Hood was another strong part which she fitted perfectly. Treasure Hunt must have ben made soon afterwards and it is not one I know but expect it will be on Talking Pictures some time. It seems that, like so many actors, she was more at home on the stage which she graced for many years. She was instantly recognisable and must have been in demand for a particular type of role such as Queen Eleanor. I can't imagine anyone else playing that part.