Maid Marian and her Father

Clement McCalin and Joan Rice

My last two posts have featured the actors Clement McCallin (1913-1977) and Joan Rice (1930-1997), who both appeared in Disney’s live-action film, The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). Here is a lovely movie still of both of them together. 

Clement McCallin only had a small role as the Earl of Huntingdon, Maid Marian’s father, which is unfortunate, because I believe more could have been added to his story. But, Joan’s Maid Marian played an integral part in the whole film. As Sherron Lux says in her paper, And ‘The Reel’ Maid Marian, it is misleading to call the film ‘The Story of Robin Hood’, as it should be ‘Marian’s Story’ .

In Disney’s first film version The Story of Robin Hood, Joan’s portrayal of Maid Marian stands in sharp contrast to earlier, and even many later versions of the legend. She is bright and courageous. Which was groundbreaking for the time. Maid Marian defies the Queen, disguises herself as a page and escapes to the outlaw camp. She then initiates her own campaign to raise money for the kings ransom. For her trouble she gets locked up in a damp dungeon, but ultimately proves Robin’s loyalty to the king. It’s a pity Disney didn’t consider a sequel! 
What do you think?


Clement Glen said...

Clement McCallin (1913-1977) and Joan Rice (1930-1997)

Neil said...

Yes I agree - would have loved a sequel. Mind you the same actors and Production crew plus people like Peter Ellenshaw, would have to be involved or it might not achieve the magical and superb end product that this one did.

What did happen of course is that Richard Greene stepped up for the Television series which was a great success on a Worldwide scale, although I realise that this was a few years later