Elton Hayes Interview

John Nelson has recently sent me a link to a fascinating interview with Elton Hayes. I have posted about this video clip before, but its worth mentioning again.

Elton Hayes in 1984

Back in 2012, Neil also made me aware of this, but unfortunately, due to the strict copyright laws by the owners, East Anglian Film Archive, I can not post the interview on here. But, for fans and admirers of the talented Elton Hayes, this is a must-see. Not only does he describe his work for Walt Disney on Treasure Island and Robin Hood, but Elton also sings a verse from the song ‘Wanderin' Star’, from the movie Paint Your Wagon.

Here is the link:  Elton Hayes Interview

The video clip is referenced as ‘Spectrun-Out of Town-Squeezbox: Elton Hayes’ and was filmed at Elton's farm in Suffolk in 1984.

Elton Hayes as Allan-a-Dale

In my opinion, Elton Hayes’s portrayal of Alan-a-Dale in Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (1952), has never been surpassed. He was ‘made for the part’ and as the wandering minstrel, he carried the story uniquely from scene to scene, imitating the link the legend has with the balladeers that first spread the legend in medieval England.

There are over 34 pages on this blog, dedicated to Elton Hayes.  Much of the information has come to us via Geoff Waite, who has not only researched the life of Elton, but recently written a short bio in a CD compilation of his work. This is now available on the Retrospective label, from Amazon UK

The 64 recordings display a unique mix of various traditional English ballads performed by Elton. But, unfortunately his songs from Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952) are not featured. 

Whistle My Love by Elton Hayes

But a CD  produced on the Windyridge label as part of their ‘Variety’  series (WINDYVAR90) does include ‘ Whistle My Love ' and ‘ Riddle Dee Diddle Dee Day,’ and is available here.

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