Ivan Craig, Ewen Solon and Geoffrey Lumsden

Back in May of this year I posted a still from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood, with an appeal for the names of the actors in the picture who played the outlaws. Thanks to Neil and Laurence I can now reveal three of the names, Ivan Craig, Ewen Solon and Geoffrey Lumsden.

Laurence informed me that Ivan Craig (1912-1944), during his career, had appeared in TV’s Claude Duval, (The Gay Cavalier) (1957) as Major Mould and also as Lord Blackheath alongside Roger Moore in Ivanhoe (1958-1959).

Geoffrey Lumsden (1914-1984) seems to have begun his lengthy profession as one of Robin’s men but, went on to appear in many classic TV series including Upstairs Downstairs, Harriet’s Back in Town, Bergerac, Special Branch, Edward and Mrs Simpson and the hilarious Dad’s Army as Captain Square. Lumsden also appeared in the Hammer movie The Horror of Frankenstein (1970) alongside former colleagues from Disney’s Story of Robin Hood, Joan Rice and James Hayter.

Geoffrey Lumsden

During my research I was amazed to find an official, fact filled web site, dedicated to Ewen Solon. It’s at http://www.ewensolon.com/ and is well worth a visit.

Ewen Solon


Clement Glen said...

"Ivan Craig, Ewen Solon and Geoffrey Lumsden"


Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952)

Ladytink_534 said...

The internet is such a neat place to be able to find the answers to questions that bug you!

Clement Glen said...

Absolutely Ladytink!

Avalon said...

It is amazing how many actors over the years that have been hired to play Sherwood's Outlaws.

Anonymous said...

Interesting but not totally substantiated rumor re Ewen Solon.
Ewens ancestors hailed from Nottingham...and the story of a family connection to
Robin hood has long been passed down the family line. We do know there was a strong
allegiance to the throne back then.....how do I know this? He is my uncle.

Clement Glen said...

Thank you for this. If you have any more information regarding your Uncle please get in touch. I am sure my readers will be interested to this family legend.