Peter Ellenshaw's Magic!

These before and after shots, from the The Sword and the Rose, were sent to me by Neil. They are a perferct example of the wonderful skill of Walt Disney’s award winning matte artist and special effects designer, Peter Ellenshaw (1913-2007). Matte paintings are usually paintings made on glass, fixed to the camera. There are certain holes left in the painting so the camera can see through the glass and into the set, thus creating the illusion that the set and the painting are one and the same.

Ellenshaw’s magnificent artwork, gave a picture-book quality to Walt Disney’s live-action films, like the Story of Robin Hood, Treasure Island and Mary Poppins. It also enabled art directors, like Carmen Dillon to create scenes that could be more impressive and realistic- decades before computer technology.

Peter Ellenshaw was made an official Disney Legend in 1993.

To read more about Peter Ellenshaw and his matte work, please click on the Peter Ellenshaw label.


Clement of the Glen said...

Peter Ellenshaw
Matte painting
Special effects

Neil said... will show you details of the magnificent book entitles 'Ellenshaw Under Glass' or subtitled Going to the Matte for Disney.
The book costs 150 US dollars plus carriage for the de luxe edition - it is well worth it to the genuine fan.
IOn the book Peter tells of his life and start at Denham through to the Disney years and after with wonderful illustrations. Terrific. One of the best books I have in my film collection.