Disney's Robin Hood Comic Strip 5.

Here is the fifth instalment of the Robin Hood comic strip that appeared in the Belgian Mickey Magazine. It was based on Walt Disney's live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) and the images were kindly sent in by Matt Crandall.



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Joan Rice Marries David Green

This site is dedicated to the memory of film actress Joan Rice (1930-1997) and down the years I have managed to piece together her life story. She was personally picked by Walt Disney to play the part of Maid Marian in his live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

Below is a press image I have recently discovered taken after her wedding at Maidenhead Registry Office on February 16th 1953. Notice the snow on the path, it must have been a cold day!

David Green and Joan Rice

After a whirlwind romance Joan married David Green. David had been a heavyweight champion of Harrow School and later a travelling film salesman for a Hollywood film company. Joan and David had met at a Christmas party in 1952 and were engaged the following month. Their wedding was a month after that!

I have discovered a very rare silent film clip of Joan Rice starting the Appleford Steam Traction Engine Race in Oxfordshire in 1953. It can be seen here.

Included along with the many pictures and memories of Joan Rice are over 73 pages of information about her life. So please click on the relevant links on this page or in the task bar if you wish to know more about her 'Cinderella-like' rise to fame.

Polite Notice: If you wish to use any images please give credit to this site. Thank you.

Story of Robin Hood Montage

Isn't this a fabulous montage of our favourite film!

It was sent in to me this week by Laurence and shows the main characters from Walt Disney's live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).This colourful depiction of a forest scene has already become very popular on our Facebook Page.

Four years ago Laurence also created a wonderful picture strip of the whole movie. His skilful adaption was hugely popular with the readers and ran to forty two separate pages. The first page of the strip can be seen below.

Page one of Laurence's picture strip of the movie.

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The Betrayal of the Sheriff

One of the most exciting scenes in Walt Disney's live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) is Robin's escape from Nottingham Castle after rescuing Maid Marian (Joan Rice). 

Sheriff De Lacy (Peter Finch) has gone back on his word as a knight and prevents Robin Hood (Richard Todd) from re-joining Marian and the outlaws in Sherwood Forest. As Robin reaches the drawbridge the treacherous Sheriff seizes a spear from a castle warden and launches it at the outlaw, wounding his shoulder.

There are many stills from this dramatic moment in the film. But one of the most unusual was the picture (below) that appeared in a 1950's magazine. I wonder where the photographer was during this scene?

If you know of any other unusual images from this movie, please get in touch.

Disney's Robin Hood Comic Strip 4.

This is the fourth edition of the comic strip adaption of Walt Disney's live action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

The comic strip appeared in the Belgian Mickey Magazine during the early 1950's and Matt Crandall has kindly sent me copies of the artwork.

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Richard Todd and Joan Rice

Richard Todd and Joan Rice

Above is a lovely publicity still of Richard Todd as 'Robin Hood' and Joan Rice as 'Maid Marian' in Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. I discovered this on Ebay recently. The picture seems to have been taken either on set at the outlaws camp or during the romantic Whistle My Love sequence.

After the release of Robin Hood in March 1952, Joan Rice (1930-1997) was at the height of her popularity. In June of that year she spent eight days in Hollywood and then flew on to Fiji for the filming of His Majesty O'Keefe with Burt Lancaster. But sadly her film career soon declined. This site is dedicated to her memory and if you want to read more about her 'Cinderella-like' rise to stardom please click here.

Richard Todd's film and stage success would of course, continue. He made two more live-action films for Disney, Sword and the Rose (1953) and Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (1953) and his acting career extended into the 1980's. He was named a Disney Legend in 2002.

A little-known fact is that Todd was author Ian Fleming's first choice to play 'James Bond' in Dr No, but due to previous commitments the role eventually went to Sean Connery.

There is now over 49 pages on this blog about Richard Todd (1919-2001) here and a vast collection of images from the movie here.

Clement McCallin (1913-1977)

Macintosh HD:Users:lapin2310:Desktop:Clement McCallin  The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952).jpg
Clement McCallin in The Story of Robin Hood

Christian has been extremely busy researching another of the actors that had a short role in Walt Disney's live action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). This time he investigates the life and career of Clement McCallin:

Clement McCallin plays the Earl of Huntingdon in The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). A sadly underrated actor, his appearances could have been more developed in the film. As a matter of fact, he only appears in the first scenes before the departure for the Holy Land. I imagine the script writer Lawrence Watkin could have planned his return, together with his King. We only hear from him by Richard at the end of the movie when he tells Maid Marian that her father has returned and waits to greet her at Huntingdon. Happily, he sets the tone for the movie, being the first actor (with Louise Hampton) to appear in the first shot, as he prepares his horse before the departure. Clement does a very reliable, if too short, performance, both as Richard’s most trusted and noble knight and Marian’s father.
I have not found much about this distinguished-looking actor, except on IMDb, whose extracts appear below. It seems, according to his filmography, that he worked mostly for TV, with very few appearances in theatre and feature films.


Date of Birth 6 March 1913, London, England UK

Date of Death 7 August 1977, London, England UK

Mini Bio

Clement McCallin was born on March 6, 1913 in London, England.
He was an actor known for Good Friday (1950), The Rossiter Case (1951) and The Wooing of Anne Hathaway (1938).

Phillippa Anne Gurney (? - ?) Brenda Bruce (? - 7 August 1977) (his death). 

Studied at R.A.D.A. Educated at Stowe.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:pf:nb_81wn918gdzmhdxk7h9rw00000gn:T:TemporaryItems:bfi-00n-393.jpg
Clement McCallin in 'Edward My Son' (1949) with Spencer Tracey and Leueen McGrath

Sykes (TV Series)
Dr. Parker
- Bath (1976) ... Dr. Parker
Happy Deathday
Prof. Esteban Zoltan
The Revenue Men (TV Series)
- A Sleeping Partner (1967) ... Hardcastle
Dr. Finlay's Casebook (TV Series)
Dr. Masters / Mr. MacFarlane / Dr. McCulloch / ...
- They Do It in Africa (1966) ... Dr. Masters
- The Vision (1965) ... Mr. MacFarlane
- Off the Hook (1965) ... Dr. McCulloch
- The Doctor Cried (1964) ... Magistrate

ITV Play of the Week (TV Series)
Gen. Saint-Haye
- The Corsican Brothers (1965) ... Gen. Saint-Haye

Front Page Story (TV Series)
Colonel Coteston
- Background Only: Not for Publication (1965) ... Colonel Coteston

The Plane Makers (TV Series)
Marlow / Mr. Bentley
- A Lesson for Corbett (1964) ... Marlow
- One of Those Days (1963) ... Mr. Bentley

Kidnapped (TV Mini-Series)
- The Bass Rock (1963)
Suspense (TV Series)
The Rev.
- The Men from the Bush (1963) ... The Rev.

Ghost Squad (TV Series)
Police Inspector
- The Menacing Mazurka (1963) ... Police Inspector
The Old Curiosity Shop (TV Mini-Series)
Mr. Marton
- Episode #1.13 (1963) ... Mr. Marton
- Episode #1.12 (1963) ... Mr. Marton
- Episode #1.11 (1963) ... Mr. Marton
- Episode #1.4 (1962) ... Mr. Marton

BBC Sunday-Night Play (TV Series)
John Cumnor
- The Aspern Papers (1962) ... John Cumnor

Beau Brummel
Footman (uncredited)

Rough Shot
Folly to Be Wise
Colonel (uncredited)

Macintosh HD:Users:lapin2310:Desktop:marian with father.jpg
Clement McCallin (second from left) as the Earl of Huntingdon in The Story of Robin Hood

The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men
Earl of Huntingdon

Cry, the Beloved Country
First reporter

The Lady with a Lamp
Richard M. Milnes

The Boy with a Cart (TV Movie)
Narrator (voice)

BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (TV Series)
Henry V / Cassius / The Captain / ...
- Henry V (I) (1951) ... Henry V
- Julius Caesar (1951) ... Cassius
- The Secret Sharer (1950) ... The Captain
- Men of Darkness (1950) ... Jean Cordeau
The Rossiter Case
Peter Rossiter

Meurtre dans la cath├ędrale
2nd Priest - prior
The Tragedy of King Richard II (TV Movie)
Good Friday (TV Movie)
Pontius Pilate

The Queen of Spades
Officer in the gaming room

Edward, My Son
Sergeant Kenyon

The Swiss Family Robinson (TV Movie)
Fritz, their eldest son

Stolen Life
Karal Anderson

England's Shakespeare (Documentary short)
Henry V

The Wooing of Anne Hathaway (TV Movie)
Will Shakespeare

Laugh with Me (TV Movie)  
Martin Kerry

Special thanks to Christian for the images and all this information on Clement McCallin. I agree with Christian, it is a pity that Clement didn't appear at the end of the movie as the Earl of Huntingdon and accompany his king into Sherwood Forest. It did seem rather odd that the monarch traveled alone. What do you think?

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Disney's Robin Hood Comic Strip 3.

We have now reached the third installment of the wonderful comic strip version of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood which appeared in the Belgian Mickey magazine in the 1950's. The strip was based on the live-action film that was released in 1952 and starred Richard Todd, Joan Rice, Peter Finch, James Robertson Justice and a whole host of fabulous actors and actresses.

Down the years my blog has tried to keep interest in this live action movie alive. So special thanks go out to Matt Crandall for sending in these comic strips that appeared shortly after the film was released. His excellent web site dedicated to Walt Disney's classic animated movie Alice in Wonderland is here.

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Richard Todd's Home at Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead

Neil has recently discovered this interesting article in the Woman magazine from 24th May 1952. This was about two months after the premiere of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men in which Richard Todd (1919-2001) had appeared as the outlawed hero.

The magazine contains details of Richard Todd former home at Wayside House, Pinkneys Green in Maidenhead, where he had lived with his first wife Kitty (Catherine Grant Bogle) (1926-1997). The couple had met at the Dundee Rep shortly after WWII and were appearing together in the American comedy Claudia. 'Kitty' was the daughter of William Grant Bogle a steel brass founder. 

Richard and Kitty were married on 13th September 1949 at St. Columba's church, Pont Street, Chelsea. They had two children Peter and Fiona.

Richard Todd with his wife Catherine and 'Baron' their dog.

From the article it appears that Wayside House was in a bad state of repair when the film star and his Scottish wife first purchased it. The magazine reporter Edith Blair, goes into great detail about how Richard and Kitty spent many weeks rubbing turpentine and linseed oil into the wooden beams and eventually furnishing their new home.

In Richard Todd's first volume of autobiography Caught In The Act The Story Of My Life - page 272 has:
On the following Saturday, 12 August, we celebrated our wedding anniversary. It was our lucky weekend. On the Sunday we had decided to drive down to Hurley for supper at the Old Bell, and had stopped at Pinkneys Green to let the dogs have a run in the woodland there while we gazed covetously at our dream-house, Wayside.
While we looked, a bent old figure, almost a caricature of Old Father Time, even to the scythe he carried, came shuffling by on the open grass space opposite house. He was clad in black trousers, long black coat, and high-crowned bowler hat that I had not seen since the days of Mr Prout, our gardener at Holsworthy in my childhood. 
As he drew level with us he touched his hat and gave us a gummy smile. 'Nice house, that,' he said.
'Lovely,' I said. 'Do you know anything about it?'
'Oh, ar,' he replied. 'When I were a boy it were the Shoulder of Mutton Inn. Very old. Dick Turpin, the highwayman, used to stay there.'
'Really? Gosh!'
'Ar. This grass ride were the old main road from London to Bath. Very dangerous for robbers. Jack Scott, the highwayman, were taken in the Shoulder of Mutton and hanged at Tyburn. That big bit at the side were the barn. Dick Turpin's Black Bess would have been stabled there.'
If we had thought it charming before, now it positively entranced us. 

Richard and Kitty became the owners of Wayside (their first house) at the end of September 1950. The following Spring, Richard appeared in a movie about another famous English outlaw - Robin Hood.

In the picture (above) Catherine is holding what appears to be a book with the title The Dam Busters. This could be the book written by Paul Bricknel and published in 1951. Together with Guy Gibson's Enemy Coast Ahead (1946) these two books would form the basis of Michael Anderson's classic war film The Dam Busters (1955) in which Richard Todd would appear as Wing Commander Guy Gibson.

Special thanks to Neil for supplying the information from the Woman magazine.

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