Merrie Christmas

I would like to send out a Merry Christmas - or should that be Merrie Christmas to all my readers! Many thanks to Neil, Geoff, John, Laurence, Mike, Peter and all those who have so kindly contributed to this blog down the years and continued to find interesting topics on Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

I have now reached 825 posts on this site, but I could not have achieved it without your continued support. So a big thank you to everyone of you!

" I'll give you a health! To you and all your families. God grant you all health and a long life! And bring confusion on all your enemies. Be they peasant or prince!” [Loosely based on Robin’s toast to King Richard].


Clement Glen said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Neil said...

This is such a wonderful Blog about a film we all love and know so well. Thank you Clement for all the many posts - I have read them all over the years.
So much has been unearthed and we know so much more now than we did before this Blog started. My only minor complaint is that the posts are not frequent enough for me as I keep looking and expect to find something else - as happened recently with the Peter Finch post. I am aware that with the focus being on this one classic film, it is maybe not easy to keep coming up with these snippets. Anyway Thanks again and please keep on going. This is excellent.

Clement Glen said...

Thank you Neil for your continued support and without you and many others I could not have achieved so much. I will try and update the blog when I can.