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Sherwood: The Living Legend will protect the fragile ecology of one of the world’s most famous forests so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

"Sherwood Forest is no longer the majestic expanse of woods and heathland that it once was. Industrialisation and the march of time have taken their toll on the ancient greenwood that Robin Hood called home. But that is set to change…
Sherwood: the Living Legend will more than double the core size of the ancient oak forest; provide environmentally friendly visitor facilities; create one of the biggest walking, cycling and horse riding networks in Europe and help local communities celebrate and share their connections to Sherwood’s nature, history and legends.
Most importantly, our project will protect the fragile ecology of one of the world’s most famous forests and its veteran oak trees, so it can be enjoyed by future generations.
A major makeover
We will recreate 300 hectares (or 400 football pitches) of new forest, restoring the beauty of the landscape and wildlife habitat. Amongst the ancient oaks live more than 200 types of fungi, many bats and birds and 1000 species of beetle and spider – some of which are very rare.
A 250-kilometre network of walking, horse riding and cycling routes will provide greater access to Sherwood. The routes will connect to the national cycle network and 20 railway stations, as well as local towns, villages and visitor attractions.
Improving facilities
A new visitor complex called ‘The Tree’ will be built using cutting-edge, sustainable technology and be linked to the ancient forest by a raised walkway. ‘The Tree’ will stand on the edge of Sherwood and will teach visitors all about the Forest and Robin Hood.
Sherwood: the Living Legend will celebrate the unique and distinct character of the people and places that surround the Forest. So whether it’s bows and arrows, birds and beetles, or simply taking a walk with the family in the great British countryside – the improved Sherwood Forest will have something for everyone. "

VOTE FOR SHERWOOD FOREST: 0870 24 24 603 *

Typetalk users should dial 18001 before the number they want to dial.

Lines open at 9am Friday 7 December 2007 and close at 12 midday Monday 10 December 2007.
If you experience any difficulties with phone voting please call 0844 881 4150.

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Clement Glen said...

Please give your vote to secure that beautiful forest for future generations.

I will let you know the outcome as soon as I hear it.