Walt Disney with James Robertson Justice

Neil has kindly shared this interesting image. It shows Walt Disney with James Robertson Justice (1907-1975). The photograph seems to have been taken sometime between June and September 1952, which coincides with the filming of Justice’s second movie for the Disney Organisation, The Sword and the Rose (1953). Justice is looking a lot more portly than when he appeared as Little John in The Story of Robin Hood (1952). This weight-gain was probably in preperation for his role as Henry VIII in the Tudor adventure.


Clement Glen said...

Many thanks to Neil for providing the image.

Neil said...

James Robertson Justice - just what can we make of him. This picture must have been taken during the filming of The Sword and the Rose I would guess. As we all know he later played in Rob Roy The Highland Rogue in which he has one of the worst Scottish accents I have heard - to say that he promoted himself as a Scot - he was actually born in London. An interesting character with a long and successful film career. He was a big man as this picture shows.