The Daily Mirror's report on Joan Rice's Wedding

The page from The Daily Mirror

This report is taken from The Daily Mirror dated 17th February 1953. We have seen various pictures taken on the day of Joan Rice's wedding, but this article gives us a fascinating glimpse of  Joan's 'big day.'

It reads:

A girl cried at Joan's wedding

"The wedding was over and police had to hold back the crowds that pressed around film star Joan Rice, 23, and film salesman David Green, 19, as they left Maidenhead (Berks), register office. 

Cars took the guests to the reception at the home of Joan's new father-in-law, American comedian Harry Green at Maidenhead (Berks). Joan's twenty-one-year-old sister Roma was there - so were her aunt and a niece from Birmingham.

Head Bowed

The crowds left and the road was empty. Empty except for a schoolgirl who leaned on the railings opposite the register office. Her head was bowed. She was sobbing. 

Big tears came from the eyes as the girl, Gillian Rice, 14, told me; 'I'm Joan's sister. I couldn't get through the crowd."

I took Gillian to the reception; "a nice lady in the house" lent her a frock, and she joined the rest of the guests.

In her Arms

Joan put her arms around Gillian and Gillian's eyes filled with happy tears.

She said; "The last time I saw Joan was just before she went to the Fiji Islands last year to make a film."

A Daily Mirror reporter."

This site is dedicated to the memory of Joan Rice (1930-1997) and has over 82 pages filled with information about her life and career. Just click here to read more.

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Clement Glen said...

Joan Rice (1930-1997)

If you have any memories of Joan Rice please get in touch.

Neil said...

Hadn't realised that David Green was around FOUR years younger than Joan. Lovely little story though with a happy ending. Not the same for Joan's marriage but in a communication from her former husband to you Clement, I seem to remember that he spoke well if her which us nice to hear. She was a lovely girl with the World at her feet but somehow things didn't work out. I would hope though that she found happiness during her life. One thing is certain though - she left her mark on many of her fans including me and she will forever walk those wooodland glades in my favourite film.

Clement Glen said...

Joan certainly left her mark-and since starting this blog I have noticed her name mentioned more and more on movie sites. This pleases me, as she deserves recognition and was voted the best Maid Marian on our online poll.