Movie Stills

Here are a couple of unusual movie stills from Walt Disney's live action movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, which was released in 1952.

Above we see Peter Finch as the Sheriff of Nottingham with Robin Hood (Richard Todd) and Little John (James Robertson Justice) disguised as castle guards. Below that image is Patrick Barr as King Richard the Lionheart summoning his Crusading army from Nottingham Castle. To see more stills from this classic movie please click on the Picture Gallery here.


Clement Glen said...

Movie Stills

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. (1952)

Neil said...

These stills from the film are unusual as you say Clement. Not that clear either and usually these pictures are crystal clear. There seems to be just so many scenes taken for possible release at the time maybe. The publicity accompanying this film at the time was probably as intensive as for any film I remember as a child and probably the first one to exploit television with The Riddle of Robin Hood being shown at all times in the day when not many programmes were on in fact. The other one I remember was King Solomon's Mines which we could not wait to see. So many items come to light from this film thank goodness, thanks to this Blog mainly.