Movie News July 1952

This magazine was recently on Ebay. It is Movie News from July 1952 and is promoting Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. I would be interested to know if the magazine was actually sold with such garish colour on the cover!

From left to right are Archie Duncan (Red Gill), Richard Todd (Robin Hood) and Reginald Tate (Hugh Fitzooth). 


Clement Glen said...

Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood
"Movie News July 1952"

Mike Giddens said...

Good god, and I thought the Flynn movie was over coloured, Why I wonder does this happen, its not the first time either.

Clement Glen said...

Hi Mike,

Not sure if the original magazine has faded,or its a mis-print, or it was just a very primitive printing system. Either way it doesn't do the best Technicolor movie ever made much justice.

Trésors Disney said...

thanks for sharing !