Joan Rice

Special thanks to Mike for sending in one of my favourite pictures of Joan Rice (1930-1997). Joan was hand-picked by Walt Disney to play Maid Marian in his live-action movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). She was always proud of the fact that she was Disney's first Maid Marian and this blog is dedicated to her memory.

There are now over 62 pages about the life and career of Joan Rice, to read more please click here.


Mike Giddens said...

I like this of Joan, sitting in the cinema, with my mates all falling for Marian, and all wanting to be Robin, sitting through the film twice as you could back then, was magic, and seeing the film today and thanks to clements site it makes you feel young again and the film looks as fresh as a new pin.

Clement Glen said...

Thanks Mike.

I saw the film 3 times that week and it sparked an interest in the legend and a love for a certain english rose that has never diminished.