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Richard Todd, Joan Rice and Perce Pearce

This blog now contains over 640 posts, so sometimes it is hard to catch-up with comments left by readers on earlier pages. Just recently I was thrilled to discover a comment by Kath Owen on a post I did in 2011 about Disney's film director Perce Pearce (1899-1955). I wish I had seen it sooner:

"I've been looking on the Internet for any mention of my Dad's family who all seem to have worked on (or watched as a child) the filming of Robin Hood, Treasure Island and many other films made at Denham. I'll have to double check with Dad but I'm sure that my Grandmother worked as some kind of housekeeper to Perce Pearce while he was there (they lived nearby). Dad always said she met Walt Disney and now it seems she did!! Wow this is amazing! My maiden name is Owen. I'm looking for the Denham archives to see if I can find any mention of my uncles Will, Eddie and Ralph. My Dad (Allan) was too young but watched the filming and my Grandfather I think is listed as Ned he worked on the props. Dad has so many stories about that time. Everyone loved Perce Pearce."

I hope my readers and I haven't lost an opportunity to learn more about the making of those magical Disney movies here in England. So please get in contact again Kath at:

We would all love to know more about your research into the work your family did at Denham Studios for Walt Disney and any other anecdotes you might have!

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