Queues at the Leicester Square Theatre

This article taken from ‘To-Day’s Cinema’ on Thursday March 27th 1952, was kindly sent in by Neil and shows the crowds of people hoping to see Walt Disney’s live action movie the ‘Story of Robin Hood.’ By the look of the pictures the film remained a huge success with audiences of the 1950’s in the second week of its release. Unfortunately I am still having trouble finding out how much it made for the Disney organisation at the box office. So if anyone can help with this information, I would be very grateful.

The magazine caption reads:

“Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, the RKO Radio release in Technicolor starring Richard Todd with Joan Rice is keeping up its second week pressure, as evidenced by these photographs taken outside the Leicester Square Theatre, where it has been attracting spectacular business since its World Premiere on March 13th. Part of the second week-end queues to one side of the house, with a defile waiting patiently across the other side of the street, facing that along the theatre itself.”


Clement Glen said...

"Queues at the Leicester Square Theatre"

Thanks to Neil for the article.

If anyone has information on the amount Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood' made at the box-office, please get in touch. By the look of the pictures in the magazine,the live action movie was a huge success.

Neil said...

This is just great to see the crowds gathering for the film.
As regards the Box OPffice you are right there is little information that I can find. However I have come across this when discssions were made about The Sword and the Rose - the next film in England -the budget exceeded that of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, but earned only $2.5 million.
So this leads us to believe that Robin Hood earned much more. I reckon the Robin Hood budget was around 1.9 million dollars