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These two YouTube clips from the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco were kindly sent in by Neil.   The first one advertises the fact that the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) was going to be the film of the month for May. I would have loved to have been there and would be interested to know if the museum had an exhibition dedicated to the movie!

The second clip is part of a fascinating interview with the late Ken Annakin (1914-2009), describing his work for Walt Disney. In this small section we hear him explain about Disney’s choice of CarmanDillon as Art Director on Robin Hood and the technique of sketching out each and every scene.

To read a longer interview with Ken Annakin on the making of Robin Hood, please click here.


Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks to Neil.

Film of the Month

Carmen Dillon

Ken Annakin

Walt Disney

Neil said...

Must admit I thought this particular post would have had a lot of interest. The Ken Annakin interview is very good but to think that The Story of Robin Hood was screened twice daily throughout May 2012. I wonder if it was shown from a 35mm projector as normal cinema or just the DVD which would be less appealing. Also finding pictures of the Walt Disney Family Museum it has a wonderful location in San Francisco with a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mike Giddens said...

Fantastic Neil, oh how i wish there had been a soundtrack of the whole score, its so good yet only the Elton Hayes songs were ever released on record. the wonderful french horn envokes so many memories of the thrill i got in the cinema.

Clement of the Glen said...

Mike there was an album of the movie made by Disney, but unfortunately it only included short clips of the soundtrack.

A trip to the Disney Museum is a big ambition of mine!!

Mike Giddens said...

Yes i have that, there you go, i guess we cant have everything, nowadays it would have came out as a full soundtrack CD.