Information on Catherine Grant-Bogle

Richard Todd and Catherine-Grant-Bogle in 1954

It is always very rewarding for me to get some feedback from readers of my blog. So I was thrilled to receive an email from Pam this week about the mysterious later years of Catherine Grant-Bogle. Up until now, very little was known about her life after she was divorced from movie legend Richard Todd (1919-2009). So I am sure my readers will be very interested in what Pam has to say:

“I was looking up info on Richard Todd when I saw this article on Catherine Grant-Bogle. She was my landlady in 1970/71 in London, in a flat near the Tate Gallery.

I am Canadian and was backpacking through Europe with my girlfriend. She took me, my girlfriend and a girl from Hawaii in for room and board. The rooms were as the children left them and she didn't want us to touch or move anything. She also didn't want us using the kitchen and when she found the three of us making dinner, she was very upset.

She was very bitter about the divorce and told us stories. Her son Peter also came by a few times to check on her. I also have a picture of her with her cat in my photo album.

I went back to London with my first husband in 1978 and went to show him the flat. And there she was walking down the street coming out of the liquor store, looking a little worse for wear.

I am surprised to see that she lived another 20 years after I last saw her. She didn't look well and the difference in her from 1971 to 1978 was astounding!”

Pam continued:

“She did seem so sad, not only when I was rooming at her flat, but especially when I saw her walking down the street a few years later. She was a sweet lady.

Anyway, just thought I would share this with you.”

I would like to thank Pam very much for this glimpse into the later years of Richard Todd’s first wife. If anyone can add some more to this information, or would like to comment on anything concerning the movie or its actors please get in touch at


Clement of the Glen said...

"Information on Catherine-Grant-Bogle"

Richard Todd (1919-2009)

Neil said...

What a sad story and how surpising it is that there has been no information earlier. The strange thing to me is that it would seem the children were not living at home in 1970-71 when Peter would have been around 19 and Fiona probably 16. Pam and her friends must have stayed at Catherine's flat soon after the divorce. It would appear that her life seems to have fallen apart after the divorce around 1968 ish. She had been with Richard Todd before he achieved fame and through his successful film years and after he left his own film career seems to have come to an end more or less. No wonder she was so bitter. I dont think they spoke again which again is very sad. This has been such a fascinating revelation from an unlikely source but neverthless a very revealing snippet of information. It confirms that she died in 1998. Wonder if she remarried after 1978 when Pam last saw her. It is incredible that this sort of information suddenly drops into your lap completely out of the blue. Fascinating but also quite poignant.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Neil, her 'story' is a very telling tale in the grand tradition.
I am 'doing' my genealogies and found that 'Richard Todd' is a distant relative by his Mother's tree. She committed suicide which then heavily featured in Richard's extreme life experiences. Apparently Richard's daughter married 'well' - into the lower aristocracy i think. Saw details on a web site.
I'm in my late 60's now and find that genealogy is such a therapeutic boon for the both the lows and the highs!

Scott Colman said...

Hi all, this is fascinating stuff. My sister was married to Peter Todd for many years before he tragically took his own life. It's funny how I've stumbled across this blog as I was searching for Catherine as I'm in the process of selling my artefacts that I have had passed to me, all of which are related to Richard Todd and his film career. I'm sure I can answer many of your questions if you still have any and would be happy to do so. I have a portrait of Cathrine which is part of my collection passed to me by Richard and Peter Todd and she truly was a beautiful lady and from what I understand a fantastic mother. However, the Todds life was incredibly difficult for all involved and I saw personally the very sad end in which it finished. I'm here is you wish to discuss further. Best regards Scott

Clement Glen said...

Great to hear from you Scott. Any information and memories you might have will be greatly appreciated.