Picture Strip 25 : Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood

Part 25 of Laurence's very popular picture strip of Walt Disney's original movie the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

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Clement of the Glen said...

"Picture Strip 25 : Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood"

Special thanks to Laurence !!

Mike Giddens said...

This is where the whole team shines, Ala-a dale is very funny being forced to sing and dance by little John, very well crafted and a scene i always love seeing.

Avalon said...

I truly admire the work he has put into these.

Neil said...

I always wonder how Hal Osmond managed to breathe with that bag of flower - or whatever it was - over his head. Depending on the number of takes it could well have been harmful to his health something I always seem aware of when watching this scene. As Mike says though it is a great scene in the film. Again it was all done on a 'woodland glade' set at Denham and this film must have some of the best 'outdoor' sets that I ever saw. Again we say - Carmen Dillon did a first rate job.