Hubert Gregg by Laurence

This is another work of art by Laurence, who says:

"I was up in the loft earlier, and dug out some of my movie actors drawings. Thought you might like to see this pencil drawing that I made of Hubert Gregg back in the seventies; plus the accompanying letter with his very kind comments. I do have one or two others from The Story of Robin Hood. (I think I may have mentioned this before.)"

We look forward to seeing some more of your fine artwork, Laurence!


Clement of the Glen said...

"Hubert Gregg by Laurence"

Azul said...

(and on my birthday!, JAJAJA)

Avalon said...

Very nice. Wonderful talent!

Neil said...

The very best Prince John ever. His acting in this film was first class. I love the scene where he touches the dungeon wall and then looks down at his wet and dirty hand and with almost a sneering expression rubs his hand dry against his robes. He speaks well of this film in his autobiography and particularly of the marvellous costumes and the sumptuous production - something he had not been used to making British films of the time

Clement of the Glen said...

I agree Neil, a very underrated performance by Hubert Gregg.I too thought the scene in the dungeon was a nice idea and wonder if it was 'ad-libbed.'

I dont think you was a glint in your Daddy's eye in 1976, Azul!

Avalon, he certainly has a wonderful talent and I am so pleased Laurence has shared it with us all.