Joan Rice and her agent George Routledge

I would like to thank Joan Rice’s nephew, Richard, for contacting me recently and sending in some interesting pictures of his aunt. As my regular readers will know, Joan is regarded by myself and many others, as the best Maid Marian of all time. My blog is dedicated to her memory.

In March 2009 I posted some press photos taken by Horace Ward of Joan’s wedding at Gables Lodge in Maidenhead on Monday February 16th 1953. On that day she married film salesman David Green, but we wanted to know who the gentleman was who escorted her. We thought at first, it might have been her father, but I can now reveal that in fact it was her agent, George Routledge.

So if anybody can help shed some more light on George Routledge, please get in touch at

To read more about the life of Joan Rice, Walt Disney's first Maid Marian, please click on the Label below.


Clement of the Glen said...

Joan Rice and her agent George Routledge

Joan Rice's wedding to David Green at Gables Lodge in Maidenhead on Monday February 16th 1953

Avalon said...

This is most lovely.

Kathryn said...

Wow, how exciting that Joan Rice's nephew got in touch with you, Clement!

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks Avalon and Kathryn.

It has been very rewarding pieceing together the story of her life.

Neil said...

We will all be looking forward to even more information about Joan Rice - a film star who fascinates us all and whose beauty is seen at its very best in The Story of Robin Hood. As I am sure I have pointed out before, this wedding happened only 5 months or so after she returned from Fiji after filming His Majesty O Keefe and there is no mention of David Green before she went out there. We will await more