Mike's Matte

After seeing my recent post about Peter Ellenshaw, Mike has sent in a fine example of his very own matte work, for the western movie ‘Circle of Death,’ which he is currently making with his brother-in law. Mike produced the painting on a sheet of glass which was only 3 inches wide, and says it took him ages!

The scene was shot in his back garden, with the camera aimed at the sky and - just to add to the realism- a flock of birds conveniently flew by during filming.

I am sure you will agree with me, that it is very effective.


Clement Glen said...

Mike's Matte

'Circle of Death'

Peter Ellenshaw Master of Matte

Mike Giddens said...

Hey thanks clement, never thought this would be on the site.Painting this really made me appreciate how fantastic Peter Ellenshaw was.