Elton Hayes at Burnham Beeches

I recently saw this unusual still on EBay of Elton Hayes (1915-2001). Elton played the spirited Alan-a-Dale in Walt Disney’s live-action Story of Robin Hood (1952). After recovering now from my second bout of Flu (thank you so much for your kind words- everyone), during this endless winter; seeing this immediately took me back to April of last year when my wife and I made an unforgettable visit to the areas used for the location filming in 1951.

We were extremely lucky with the weather and the forest was beautiful. In the picture above Elton is fishing from a bridge at Middle Pond during a break from filming. This was probably during the recording of the romantic scene in which he sings ‘Whistle My Love.’

Below are a couple of pictures of Middle Pond at Burnham Beeches that I took in April 2009.

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Clement of the Glen said...

Elton Hayes (1915-2001)

Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire, England.

Middle Pond

Herns son said...

Great to see you back clement. Elton Hayes is a very favorite of mine , his Alan a Dale is the best ever ,his lilting vioce is perfect for a minstrel. a great still this as well.

Neil said...

Yes. Pleased to see Clement back to health again. I agree with Mike's comments about Elton Hayes being the best ever Alan A Dale.
For some reason I dont think this photograph is at Burnham Beeches but at the back of Denham Studios down to the frontage of the River Colne which was used when Robin escapes from the Sheriff and his men after his meeting with Friar Tuck. It is also the location used a lot in an earlier film 'The History of Mr.Polly. Anyway it is a wonderful still and shows what a lovely time they all must have had throughout the summer of 1951. I must check if the bridge is still there. Elton is in costume so presumably he is needed on the outdoor filming that day. Will try to fathom out which scene it would have been

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks Guys. Not 100% yet but getting there!

Mike: I agree! Without doubt Elton was the best Alan-a-Dale ever. In fact he was probably the only Alan-a-Dale in the history of the cinema that could sing a ballad!

Neil: The picture of Elton had a press clipping on the back that the picture was taken at Burnham Beeches. There was a similar bridge there when I went last year. But I must admit the tree line in the distance looks different! Another mystery???

Clement of the Glen said...

The bridge can be seen very faintly between the trees in my picture on the posting-but Neil you have got me wondering!

Neil said...

Maybe I am wrong here about the location so must visit Burnham Beeches again to have a look. It is certainly a beautiful place to go to and well recommended.
Elton is just waiting for his next scene and looks quite relaxed. This was the biggest film of his life as it was for Hubert Gregg. Great Days I suspect for them.

Herns son said...

Also this film had the best of everything aside from the location, the best Friar Tuck, Best Little John, Sheriff, Prince John, Minstel, Scarlet, and best off all Robin and Marian.Its a work of art.