Jessie Marsh's Robin Hood

The Story of Robin Hood was the first Walt Disney live-action movie to be adapted to a comic strip, and recently I posted an article about the legendary artist who drew these wonderful images for Disney, Jessie Mace Marsh (1907-1966). He began Robin Hood on July 13th 1952 through until December 28th 1952 alongside the strip writer Frank Reilly. Disney’s live-action movie had been released in America a few weeks earlier.

Unfortunately I can only find a few copies of some of the pages from the Sunday Strip of his Robin Hood series - I expect they are very rare! But above is the ‘Archery Contest’ scene, beautifully inked before colorization.

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Clement Glen said...

"Jessie Marsh's Robin Hood"

Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood (1952)

Kathryn Warner said...

Wow, that's lovely!

Clement Glen said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, a wonderfully talented artist and he gets the mood of the film really well. I would love to see the finished colourized strips.