Two Mystery Books

These two books habe both appeared on Ebay during the last year, but I must confess I know very little about them, so I would appreciate any information.

This first one has for its front cover a nice coloured still from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood (1952). It shows Will Scarlet (Anthony Forwood) ‘Christening’ Little John (James Robertson Justice) shortly after the quarter-staff fight, but the story inside is Howard Pyle’s classic novel Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire! I can only presume it was published during the release of the Walt Disney live-action movie and I would be very interested to know if the book contained more stills from the film or, some of Pyle’s wonderful illustrations.

The second is even more of a mystery. It is the Adventuras Walt Disney, a comic book from Chile but printed in Spanish. It clearly has a very violent looking illustration of Robin Hood, which might just be meant to represent Richard Todd! So if you have one or even both of these books in your collection, I would be interested to know a little bit more about them.

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Two Mystery Books

Adventuras Walt Disney

Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire