Jonas Armstrong Meets Some Ghosts

With more twists and turns than any of the paths through old Sherwood Forest, the third series of the BBC’s Robin Hood is reaching its conclusion over the next few weeks. The average audience of approximately 3.24m in the U.K. will not only see the dramatic siege of the village of Loxley but the return of King Richard to rally his forces against his scheming brother, Prince John.

Amidst the bombardment of Byzantine fireballs at Nottingham Castle, fans of the series will also witness the ‘real’ Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen) return from the dead with his well equipped army and a pledge to finish-off Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong) once and for all.

This is just one of a whole quiver-full of surprises that viewers will be treated to, in the finale of this rather disjointed and unpredictable take on the medieval story. The BBC are desperately trying to keep the last episodes of this series a close-guarded secret, but it is already common knowledge that Jonas Armstrong who plays Robin Hood will leave the show after three years. It is also believed that another ghost from Robin’s past-Maid Marian-played by Lucy Griffiths will also make a surprise return for the finale.
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Are you a fan of the series? Please let me know what you think of this modern take on the ancient legend.


Clement of the Glen said...

BBC's Robin Hood
Keith Allen
Lucy Griffiths
Jonas Armstrong
Robin Hood on TV

WoodsyLadyM said...

I'm not exactly a fan of the show but I have been buying the series on DVD. I haven't been following the latest season except to see Friar Tuck in the first few episodes and then immediately got tired of the whole sorry mess.

I had always hoped that Marian would redeem Guy and he would replace Jonas Armstrong in the role of Robin Hood but that seems unlikely. Guy and Marian had a lot more chemistry going than Robin and Marian. What I see from this spoiler is that they'll just bring back Marian at the end so she can go off into the sunset with Robin.

And what in the world is Marian holding in the picture. Is that a compound bow? Will disasters never cease in this series? I think the only way to enjoy this series is not take it too seriously but they don't make it easy.

Clement of the Glen said...

I think most would agree with you.

I have been watching the series from the start and it just seems to have spiraled out of control. Most of the familiar links with the legend have been purposely cut away in a bid to 'modernize', but in doing so, the series has gone into free-fall.

In its defense, I enjoyed the character 'Much'during the first series. I though Guy and Marian, could have developed more (apart from Marian's Kung-Fu and 'Nightrider' expeditions).

Keith Allen as the Sheriff was just so over the top he was brilliant!

WoodsyLadyM said...

I never did care for Marian's kung-fu abilities. I mean really, where would she have learned this? Using a bow and sword perhaps, that would have made sense, although clearly she doesn't even know how to hold a bow in one of the early episodes.

Never did care for the Sheriff myself. I've always found him annoying and just wanted him dead. I just felt that he had already been done to perfection by Alan Rickman.

Nina-Marie said...

I like this show but always found the character of Marian one big paradox. Still I can't believe we have to wait to see it in the states - sighhhhhhhhh

Clement of the Glen said...

Never mind Nina-Marie,

As the series draws to a close over here in England, I am sure it wont be long till it is shown in the United States.

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