Joan Rice in 1978

The photograph of Joan was taken, she says, “ after I rented "Quinneys" in Cookham through Joan, when she ran the Joan Rice Accomodation Bureau from her office in High Street, Maidenhead. Joan had "Quinneys" on her books, which at the time was owned by a Maidenhead lady whom I paid the rent to (I will get her name later from my diaries).

Was I lucky!

Since I usually carried a camera I asked her for her picture to be taken after we signed the contract. Of course she obliged, being such a warm person. See her wonderful warm smile.
This must have been mid 1978; when I unearth my diaries of that period I can be more precise."

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Clement Glen said...

Joan Rice in 1978

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the 1978 photograph of Joan Rice at work in Maidenhead and full of admiration for her trying to forge a career after her film career was over. It seems to me from what has been written by your contributors that it was soon after she got married that her film contract was cancelled - maybe because of this event. We dont know much about her husband or his business or what part, if any, that played in the downturn in her film career that seemed to be 'on the crest of a wave' after Story of Robin Hood and His Majesty O'Keefe. A young actress couldnt have landed teo better or more important roles in Big films at the time. I feel very disappointed that she was for whatever reason unable to keep up the momentum.