The Robin Hood Window 1862

This is a stunning chromolithograph image of a stained glass window depicting Robin Hood’s death from an ambitious work, which attempted to show the major art objects exhibited at the London World Fair from 1st May to the 1st November 1862.

This major work of chromolithography was expensively and laboriously produced by a consortium of artists and artisans. Some of the plates had to be printed over a dozen times with different colors, gold, or silver. The book was called "Masterpieces of Industrial Art & Sculpture at the International Exhibition, 1862. Chromo-lithographed by and under the Direction of W. R. Tymms, A. Warren, and G. Macculloch". The book was printed by Day and Son in 1863.


Clement of the Glen said...

The Robin Hood Window 1862

David said...

I have one of these plates and absolutly love it the colors and detail are amazing