15. Another Signal Arrow

Early next morning Robin emerged from the cave in which he slept to see Scathelok with a bandage across his face, bathing poor Will Stutely’s tortured back with rock salt.

“This will hurt,” he said, “but it will heal.”
Robin looked with admiration and began his morning wash under the waterfall.
Suddenly a signal arrow came screaming out of the sky. Robin picked up the arrow, glanced at it then handed it to Will Scarlet.
“Red and white,” he said.
“What does that mean?” Stutely asked.
“Maybe friend, maybe foe!” Scarlet replied, “we’ll go with you Robin.”
“Nay cousin Will,” he replied, tapping the horn in his belt, “If I have need of you I’ll call.”

Robin went bounding off down the other side of the bamk and vanished through the trees.

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