Geoffrey Rodway (1911-1999)

Geoffrey Godway (1911-1999) with Joan Rice in the make-up department

This is an up-date to a post from three years ago. It was in November of that year I posted a picture of Joan Rice (1930-1997) in the make-up department for her role as Maid Marian during the filming of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.

At the time, I was not sure who the gentleman was applying the make-up. I went through the names, including Geoffrey Rodway the Make-Up Supervisor on the movie, Trevor Crole-Rees, Stuart Freeborn, Eddie Knight, A. L Lawrence, Robert Alexander and Wally Schneiderman. They are all listed in various articles as uncredited make-up artists on Disney’s live-action movie. At the time I guessed in might have been Geoffrey Rodway.

Well, I was thrilled to receive a message from Alex Rodway:
“Yes that is Geoffrey Rodway, my grandfather.”

Neil, our regular contributor, also informed us that South African born Geoffrey Rodway (1911-1999) was employed in various make-up departments from the early forties right through to the seventies. Including working on the much-loved Carry-On films.

Rodway was part of the team that worked for Walt Disney on Treasure Island and Sword and the Rose.  He was also Joan Rice's make-up artist not just on Robin Hood, but also Curtain Up, A Day To Remember and One Good Turn. 

In March of this year Mick got in touch and asked if the family had lived in Iver in Buckinghamshire? I am pleased to say that yesterday Tim Walker contacted me with this answer:

"Hi all - I'm another of Geoff's grandsons - cousin of Alex who wrote in previously. Geoff did a large number of films at Pinewood Studios, which are of course situated in Iver. So yes Geoff and his wife Nora (who was also his assistant) did live in the area - I think in Denham and Iver at some stage. This was up until Geoff retired and they moved to the South coast during the seventies. I hope this is of interest. Regards, Tim Walker. 

Many thanks to all those who very kindly contacted this web site regarding Geoffrey Rodway, especially members of his family. If you have any information regarding the production crew or actors and actresses that made Disney's Story of Robin Hood please get in-touch. I will be pleased to hear from you.


Clement Glen said...

"Geoffrey Godway (1911-1999)"

Special thanks to Alex Rodway, Neil, Mick and Tim Walker.

Neil said...

Surely this should be Geoffrey Rodway and NOT Godway in the Heading on this post