Picture Strip 1. Disney's Story of Robin Hood

Here is another treat for us all, courtesy of Laurence. He has laboriously managed to put together a picture strip of the whole of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, and above are the first two pages.

Laurence says:

"I have completed the whole movie, and you are right, it took me quite a while to do! There are around 85 pages in all - plus a cover and a cast list. I can forward them as and when if you like, if you think your readers can take it!"

Well I am sure you can all take it. So, I intend to post two pages of the picture strip every week- sit back and enjoy!

[The images are as large as Blogger will allow, so if you have trouble reading the text, you should be able to magnify the page via the right - hand corner of your screen.]


Clement Glen said...

"Picture Strip 1. Disney's Story of Robin Hood"

Laurence's Picture Strip from the movie, Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952)

Mike Giddens said...

Oh , Fantasic , I love it already, great stills , bringing back that old feeling again. I see the poster is there too, great!! , Well done Lawrence , looking forward to it all, thanks clement..

Neil said...

This is absolutely brilliant. The clarity and sharpness of the pictures and the colour are stunning. This must have been a painstaking task but the end result is just so good and very much appreciated by all us fans of the film. I am sure we all are looking forward to each installment. It would be great to have the whole thing published into book form.

Clement Glen said...

This strip must have taken Laurence ages, but it has been well worth it.

That's a good idea Neil, he might consider publishing his work in book form. I will ask him.

Avalon said...

Quite brilliant! I commend Laurence on his dedication and hard work.

Clement of the Glen, who is on your avatar?

Clement Glen said...

Erm! It's me.

Avalon said...

You are much younger then I imagined!