The Pickwick Papers

My dad enjoyed reading the novels by Charles Dickens, particularly The Pickwick Papers. So there is a nice tie-in with James Hayter, pictured above, who played the leading role as Samuel Pickwick and Friar Tuck in Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood. Both films were released in 1952.

A special thank you, for all your kind words at this difficult time.


Clement Glen said...

James Hayter
Friar Tuck
Samuel Pickwick
The Pickwick Papers

Anonymous said...

In terms of his film career, 1952 must have been James Hayter's pinnacle with Mr. Pickwick and Friar Tuck and he fitted the parts wonderfully. My personal opinion is that he was the perfect Friar Tuck - I have seen none better before or since. He had a long career in films ususally not in leading roles but he must have kept in work with all the stage plays and the large number of British films made at the time. In this sense his career spanned a perfect time for him. I come back to my previous messages and state that Story of Robin Hood was in every way perfectly cast and with a staff and crew who were the best. I would love to see the original film trailer - Any news of it

Clement Glen said...

Not yet Neil. I will be putting a static appeal on this site soon for information on various topics concerning the film, its cast and its production.

Watch this space.