13. The Whistling Arrow

As soon as the Sheriff and his foresters had gone, the Palmer stepped grim faced out of the shadows. The Palmer was Robin Hood. He reached inside a hollow tree and took out a longbow and a quiver filled with arrows. The arrows were bright red and curiously made. Below the steel tip, the round head of the arrow was pierced with holes. Robin fitted one of these specially made arrows to his bow and fired it into the air. As the arrow gathered speed, the air rushing through the holes made an eerie shrill.

Deeper in the forest one of Robin’s men gazed up attentively as the red arrow screamed swiftly downwards. He quickly pulled it out of the ground and placing it on his bow, fired it towards the outlaws camp.

The arrows arrival sent the outlaws running from every corner of the camp. Will Scarlet pulled it out and turned to the band of men and said, “off with your kirtles and on with your rags, there’s a need for beggar men in Nottingham Square.”

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