A Signal Arrow Arrives

I have recently posted a still from Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) showing the scene where the sheriff is led into the outlaws camp. Here is another detailed image of the camp,  created on one of the huge sound stages at Denham Studios by Disney’s art department. This time it shows the moment a whistling arrow arrives, warning Robin Hood (Richard Todd) and his men of imminent danger. 

Those of us who have seen this wonderful film, will know that Little John (James Robertson Justice) has been seen making his way through Sherwood Forest in search of Robin Hood and his men. Eventually Little John meets up with Robin and we witness their fight with quarter-staffs.

Robin Hood is pulled out the stream by Little John

In my opinion this legendry duel has never been bettered on the silver screen.


Clement Glen said...

Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood
"A Signal Arrow Arrives"

Mike Giddens said...

I agree the fight was splendid, not easy fighting with staffs,

Neil said...

Thank Goodness you are back Clement - I was concerned as we had heard nothing from you. However you come back with a Bang with two superb scenes from the film. The very next shot after the whistling arrow arrives is Richard Todd running away into the forest - filmed at Burnham Beeches - and that is one of my favourite shots because it seems to be such a warm and sunny summer day - a typical English Summer Day that sums our lovely summers up better that any picture I know. Then we see Little John pulling Richard Todd from the stream - beautifully done on a Studio set though. These are two great pictures to come back with.

Clement Glen said...

Thanks for the comments Mike and Neil! I wonder how much rehearsal they needed for the quarter staff fight?

I love that scene too Neil, the colour and sense of the warm summer is captured beautiful. The quality of this film can never be bettered.