New Elton Hayes CD

I have some great news for all my readers. The Elton Hayes double CD, that we have been patiently waiting for, is now available on the  Retrospective label, from Amazon UK. The 64 recordings display a unique mix of various traditional English ballads performed by Elton. Unfortunately his songs from Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952) are not featured. 

The sleeve notes are written by Geoff Waite, who is not only an authority on the life and career of Elton Hayes, but a regular contributor to this web site.  Geoff kindly kept me regularly informed during the albums production.

Elton Hayes as Alan-a-Dale

It is wonderful to finally own this rare collection of music by Elton. A musician whose work is almost completely forgotten. Some of the tracks have been skilfully restored from acetate discs. And, one track I particularly enjoyed and recommend, is The Girl in the Wood track 11 on CD2. It is both beautiful and haunting.

So this double album gives a new generation the chance to listen to the ballads of Elton Hayes (the man with a small guitar) - or as we know him - Allan-a-Dale. 


Clement Glen said...

"New Elton Hayes CD"

Special thanks to Geoff Waite

Anonymous said...

A great shame that the songs from Robin Hood are not featured. Probably a copywrite issue.
Nevertheless I look forward to hearing all the other wonderful songs performed by Elton Hayes, Alan-a-Dale.

Neil said...

That is a very good point just raised about the songs from the Film which are among his best known. This film made him a star and he proved the perfect ambassador for Walt Disney when he went on that astonishing publicity tour in the USA - I use the word ‘astonishing’ because he apparently toured 19 cities in the USA and Canada and did 113 Radio and TV interviews in the space of 8 weeks. Nowadays it would be tough but easier to do such a tour – BUT in 1952 the transportation would be much less sophisticated.
I hope this CD brings Elton Hayes back into the public eye and he gains the recognition he deserves but I fear that his music may not have the pull that it once might have had. Things change though and that could change.
I like Elton Hayes – he greatly helped make the film what it was and is.