The Sheriff Arrives at Robin's Camp

The Sheriff is brought to the camp

Another rare couple of  images to add to the many now on this blog from Walt Disney's live-action version of the Robin Hood legend. Stills like this show the amount of detail used in this wonderful film.

A warning arrow lands at the camp.

These two scenes of Robin's camp in Sherwood were created by Carmen Dillon and her art department. Remarkably, the camp was built on one of the huge soundstages at Denham Studios in Buckinghamshire. But, sadly, The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) was the last big budget movie made there.

There is much much more on this blog about the making of the film. Just click on the various links to discover the history behind this underrated Technicolor masterpiece.


Clement Glen said...

The Sheriff Arrives at Robin's Camp

Do you have some favourite stills from the movie? Please get in touch and share them with the readers.

Neil said...

These two stills are superb. Ken Annakin says that the set at Denham was almost 250 ft wide so that just gives a clue as to the scale - and as Ken says in his Book that this film was on a different scale to any he had worked on before. These two stills really get the feel of the set and the top one shows the trees in the forest to such an extent that you can nearly feel you are there. I could repeat myself again and again when thinking about walking around these sets at Denham - an impossible dream I know. I do remember the two youngsters, though, that featured on the cover of a film annual with Richard Todd in costume, and they visited the Studios to see this film being made. The girl did write in to your Blog and she was very interesting about her experiences there.

Clement Glen said...

Lavinia was in touch via the Disney's Story of Robin Hood Facebook site with the image taken of her with Richard Todd (Robin Hood) and Peter Green. It caused quite a lot of interest and I posted it on the blog. I asked Lavinia about her memories of that special day and she replied:

"Yes, I still remember the day at Denham Studios very well after all those years. It was very exciting to meet Richard Todd, Joan Rice, Peter Finch, Hubert Gregg and James Hayter. I have their autographs somewhere!" Lucky Lady!!!!