Clement McCallin and Joan Rice

Clement McCallin

Above is a rare publicity shot from Walt Disney's live-action film The Story of Robin Hood and his Men Men (1952). It was recently available on-line and shows Clement McCallin (1913-1977) as the Earl of Huntingdon and Joan Rice (1930-1997) as his daughter Maid Marian. 

The press information attached to the still says:
Clement McCallin as the Earl of Huntingdon, life long friend of King Richard the Lionheart, and Joan Rice as his daughter Maid Marian, in Walt Disney's all-live-action Technicolor production "Robin Hood". The film which stars Richard Todd in the title role, is produced by Perce Pearce at Denham Studios for world distribution by RKO Radio.
There is hundreds of images from the movie on this site and many can be seen in the Picture Gallery here .

84 pages on the life and career of Joan Rice can be accessed by clicking on her name above and in the task bar.


Clement Glen said...

Click on 'Picture Gallery' for more images from the movie and 'Joan Rice' to read more about her life and career.

Neil said...

What a lovely still this is - one of very many done for this film - in fact I can't think of any other film of the era that had so many of these PLUS the Riddle of Robin Hood film that was released to the BBC for showing constantly during the day when test cards were on and nothing much else. The promotion was enormous for this film and Walt Disney put his everything into it and it paid off.
I can remember King Solomon's Mines having major publicity but few have rivalled The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. I don't remember anything much with The Sword and The Rose but Rob Roy was promoted well. Walt Disney was trying there to replicate Robin Hood but it didn't work. In later years they would have done a sequel - in some ways I wish they had - in another way I am glad they didn't.

Clement Glen said...

Thats a very interesting suggestion-a sequel. Perhaps when King Richard continues his battles abroad, John and the Sheriff could attempt to get their revenge on Robin and Marian. I am sure Disney and his fabulous production crew would have done a good job!

Mike Giddens said...

Very nice to see this shot, never seen it before, wonderful. I watch our film about this time every year, marvellous nostalgia Merry Christmas to all fans out there.