Roger Snowdon as Hubert

Joan Rice as Maid Marian and Roger Snowdon as Hubert

There are over forty unnamed extras in Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). I am still trying to identify many of them, but thanks to a movie still, one mystery has been solved. 

The image above reveals the name of the actor playing Hubert, the mysterious servant of Prince John. It was the English actor Roger Snowdon (1924 -1986)

Snowdon only appears as Hubert briefly in one scene. He leads Maid Marian  (Joan Rice) to his master Prince John. The evil prince, played by Hubert Gregg, then locks her in a cell in Nottingham Castle.

Roger Snowdon

There is uncertainty over the date of Roger Snowdon's birth. The IMDb states that his full name was Roger Stuart Snowdon Morena Hoffmeyer and that he was born in Wandsworth, Surrey, England on April 24th 1914. Some other sites give his birth year as 1926.

But there is no doubt that Roger Snowdon had a varied and interesting career on stage, television and radio. He is noted for his performances in  TV dramas like Anna Christie (1946), The Only Way (1948) and Follow The Boys (1963)

Snowdon also appeared in many classic television series like The Buccaneers (1956), Dixon of Dock Green (1957), No Hiding Place (1959) and Dr Finlay's Casebook (1965). He passed away in Camden, London, on March 19th 1986.

It would have been interesting to hear his recollections of appearing in Disney's live-action movie.

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Clement Glen said...

Roger Snowdon as Hubert

If you can help name any extras in Disney's Robin Hood or have any information about the stars that appeared, please get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your comments about Roger Snowdon: I had not identified the actor who played the part.
I believe he appears twice in the film, the first instance being during the archery contest while he stands between Peter Finch and Hubert Gregg : see Picture Strip 4 - last photo on last row. Of course, by viewing the film you will be able to see him more accurately.
The second instance refers to the scene you describe justly.
Yours truly,
Christian Roy
PS: I follow your blog regularly and still believe it is great!

Clement Glen said...

Many thanks Christian Roy. Your comments and input is much appreciated.