Disney's Robin Hood Comic Strip. 8

Here is the eighth instalment of the comic strip version of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).

This was the first Walt Disney live-action movie to be adapted to a comic strip. It was also another way in which Disney was able to advertise his new releases and keep the film fresh in the audiences mind. The strip version of Robin Hood originally ran for twenty five weeks, from 13th July till 28th December 1952 and was illustrated by Jessie Mace Marsh (1907-1966).

Down the years I have posted about Marsh and we have seen a few versions of his Robin Hood drawings in various stages of production. Unfortunately those examples were all I could find, until I was contacted by Matt Crandall. Matt runs the excellent Disney's Alice in Wonderland blog and has very kindly sent me images of the Robin Hood strips that re-appeared in the Belgian Mickey Magazine in 1953. 

To read more about the life of the artist that drew this strip, please click here Jessie Marsh.

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Clement Glen said...

Special thanks to Matt for the comic strip images.

Mike Giddens said...

Wow!! haven't seen this strip since schooldays, forgot about it, today there is so much on the net about all films, back then, all we had was the Micky Mouse comic. great to see this again.

Clement Glen said...

Great to hear from you Mike. Yes, its nice to revisit these memories of our childhood. If you click on the label you can see thee earlier parts of the comic strip.