Denham Studios or Burnham Beeches ?

Joan Rice (Maid Marian) and Richard Todd (Robin Hood)

These rare stills, taken from Walt Disney's live action movie The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) raise a number of interesting questions. Was this scene filmed on one of the huge sound stages at Denham Studios? On location at Burnham Beeches? Or both?

Joan Rice and Richard Todd

I originally believed that the scene in which Robin chases Marian through the woodland was filmed at Denham.  But now I am not so sure. The sets were so realistic it is hard to tell. What do you think?


Clement Glen said...

After seeing that rare still, I had to watch the movie again. I now think the scene was carefully edited and was made up of studio and location footage. But I would welcome any comments and opinions.

Neil said...

Great post this Clement. The pictures you have included are at Burnham Beeches I am pretty sure but the film quickly cuts to the studio when Robin and Marian sit chatting and he trips her up and when Tib joins them but later when Maid Marion says 'Goodbye Clodhopper' that is back to Burnham Beeches I think. As you say the sets were excellent - I would go so far as to say breathtaking - and probably the best Carmen Dillon ever did although she did not get her award for this film.

Clement Glen said...

Thanks Neil,

I remember now, that a magazine article showed Richard and Joan rehearsing the scene at Denham studio. So it does seem that the location footage and studio work was skilfully edited together. The sets as you say are truly breathtaking. What a shame this film does not get the recognition it so richly deserves.

Neil said...

Pity the pictures you show are in Black and White because this segment of the film starting with Richard Todd practising with his Bow and Arrow and then running towards the tree and afterwards - the studio scene - show Technicolor at its very best in the film I think - and the colour was just wonderful anyway - in fact it has never been bettered in my view. That sequence to me though shows the very best colour of the whole film